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Dr Andrea Medovarski

Dr Andrea Medovarski, Dr Yar Sana and Pariwaush sana

Dr Andrea Medovarski Professor of Canadian Literature in a comment after a class presentation wrote: "Dr
. Yar, you have very good oral presentation skills and your pacing and strategic repetition of key ideas made your section very easy to follow. You had clearly practiced to ensure your presentation ran smoothly and you backed up your ideas with some very good research. Your key task of situating Brand’s poetry within a global context was accomplished by raising some very valid points about her work and what it means for her to give up on ‘land to light on.’ As you rightly point out, this is not just ambivalence about Canada specifically, but about nations in general and their historical connections to colonial projects of various kinds. Comparing Brand’s poem to other poets was also very effective, but I would have liked to see you draw the connections more explicitly. There were numerous places where you could have made direct comparisons between the types of imagery or language used by Brand and the other poets. It might have also been more useful to only talk about one or two other poets in more detail rather than trying to cover four. Overall though, you established a very good foundation on which your other two group members could build."
Dr Andrea Medovarski

Thursday, July 17, 2008

By: Yar
July 17

“Meaningful” silence

of media About genocide

in Afghanistan

The history of hazara’s genocide started in the period of Abdullrahman Khan at the end of 19 century, when Britannia thrones and dethrones Afghan kings from British India. Britannia always supported a sunny Pushton government in Afghanistan. “By sending Sunni clerics to every village in Hazarajat Abdur Rahman forced the Hazaras to attend Sunni mosques and abandon shiism. He imposed tougher regulations on Hazaras by forcing them to pay heavy taxes.”1

The first “mission of Taliban was deletion of Hazaras from Afghanistan.

Genocide Watch, International complain to ends genocide, reports: “Taliban have demonstrated their capacity for genocidal violence in massacres of civilian members of the Hazara Shi’ite ethnic minority in Mazar-e-Sharif in August 1998, Robatak Pass in May 2000, and Yakaolang in January 2001.”2 Just in Mazar-e-Sharif Taliban killed 8-12 thousand Hazaras and Uzbeks.

Genocide of Hazaras continues by Karzai regime in presence of international force in Afghanistan. Dr Rauf Roashan writes in his research article: “Any keen student of history would easily find parallels in the era of the last 19th century Amir of Afghanistan and those of contemporary Karzai times. An even keener observer would extend the parallel also to the American Wild West era of the rule of the gun, Billy the Kid, local sheriffs, US marshals and gunmen of all sorts.”3

When British were in India King Abdullrahman Khan was Killing Hazaraz, now British in Afghanistan, Karzai continues genocidal crime of his ancestors. District of Behsood, province Wardak in Afghanistan is a place of genocide, which continues till this moment I write this article.

"Kochi" (Nomadic) in Behsood province Wardak, after mass killing

Who supported nomadic people? In an interview Afghan-Canadian journalist Mir Hossain Mahdavi characterizes their relationship to Karzai government. “If we say that kochis are not Taliban, but we can say they’re supported by Taliban. If Karzai want democracy, he don’t need play with ‘lion tail’. Nomadic people is a lion tail for Karzai.”, said Mir. Also in an interview by telephone Afghan scholar Hamza waezi in Norway thinks “Nomadic people a victim too, they uses as a political tool by governments. They have negative role in afghan society an government destroyed their relationship to Afghan society.” said Waizi.

Nomadic people from Pakistan come to Afghanistan with the weapon and transportation, which uses by Taliban. They kill the Afghan citizen, who live and work in their own houses and land. Taliban by the name of nomadic people kill Hazaras, who gave their weapon to UN group, which called DDR.

Behsood population left their houses

Pushton President from Kandahar helps Pakistani pushtons to settle them in Afghanistan and change the balance of Afghan population on rest of the poshtons in Afghanistan. They kill tights and deport Hazara ethnicity. To Pakistanize Afghanistan the sunny government kills Shiites. Than the mass killing of ethnical and religious group is obviously an action of genocide in Behsoom.

How is this happening? A Pushton political group “Afghan Milat”, which fights for power of Pushton and Pushto is the first language of Afghanistan, surrounded Karzai and turned Afghan government to full dictatorship.


They have contact with Pakistan intelligent services “ISI” (Islamic inelegance or inter-Services Intelligence).

They want to send the Pakistani nomadic people in Afghanistan and settle them in “Hazarajat” or Hazaristan(Land of Hazaras).

The next sign of genocide in Behsood is the historical character of the action, which continues from one Pushton dynasty in power against hazaras as a continuing revenge. The enmity and revenge of government to Hazara ethnicity. Karzai continues this tribal enmity, when he’s an ‘elected” president of Afghanistan under flag of “democracy” in presence of international forces.

Latest news from Behsood tells that killing and refuge continues and Karzai government keeps its silence.

Kochies(nomadic people) 8 people, including 85 years old man and 113 years old girl and school students”1, said Said Hossain.

Karzai is involved in this crime, because: first, he’s President of Afghanistan and he’s responsible for security of citizens. He’s grant of national unity in Afghanistan. He’s able to prevent attack of Pakistani foreigner to his jurisdiction. He can command army police and ask help from international forces. But he’s doing absolutely and obviously in opposite of his responsibilities. Karzai action and determinations for continuing genocide are as following:

1. Last year at this time Pakistani nomadic people attacked Behsood 20,000 families refuge, 13 people died and … houses was destroyed.

Karzai was silent 2 months, when the peoples complaints was over, Karzai’s spokesperson person declared that nomadic people by the request of president will leave Behsood. What does it mean, when the president of a country ask outsider killers and spoiler to leave Afghanistan after mass killing and destruction?

2. This year Pakistani nomadic people attacked Behsood again and the same killing and destruction as last year and the process is continuing till now. Karzai has the same policy that had last year.

3. Three months before Pakistani nomadic come to Afghanistan, there is a Mass demonstration took place in Kabul. Demonstrators in a resolution asked President Karzai to prevent Pakistani attacks in Besood. Karzai did nothing to prevent the attack, but he prepared to help attackers. Before of the war Karzai sent a Governor to province Wardak, who belongs to Afghan Milat political group, which stimulates Pakistani nomadic people to come to Afghanistan and kill hazaras.

To conclude this article I want to mention relationship between the silence of Karzai, who is responsible to defend Afghan citizen, silence of United Nation that disarm Hazaras. Is any responsibility and promise, when they disarm them? Any legal or ethical document they sign?

How a “selected” government can govern by a small Political and ethnic people, who deliver ideology of fascism.


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3. Dr. G. Rauf , Amir Abdul Rahman, Karzai and the Wild West,

Speech of Dr Nikpai in a presentation in Sheridan College

Genocide in Province Wardak


July 2008

I can understand killing and bombing by Taliban groups, because they are Terrorists.

I can understand killing on the front lines, because it’s war.

I can understand civilian casualties in the Afghan war, because mistakes can be made.

But I can’t understand the mass killing of civilians in the province called wardak in Afghanistan. This genocide was committed by the Taliban. They disguised themselves as nomadic people from Pakistan who come to Afghanistan in the summer time with their animal herds to let them eat the flowers and grass. But this time they came with weapons for killing and genocide.

It’s shocking.

More shocking is the policy of the independent media in the world:

They completely ignored the massacre.

They never ignore Osama’s video tapes.

They never ignore the Dali Lama’s protest against China.

They criticize regimes America doesn’t like.

They criticize the warlords when the Karzai regime is in danger.

United Nation’s and Human Rights organizations in Afghanistan actively criticize a regime when America doesn’t like it; they have resolutions and reports, if America wants it.

But they were blind and mute about the genocide in the province of Wardak in Afghanistan in July 2008.

And our Canadians are dying in Kandahar to bring such ambiguous peace and democracy.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sensational event

for Afghan community in Pen Canada

Silence of Pen Canada about offense of human rights by Karzai regime came to the end.

Unknown organization for Afghan community, Pen Canada becomes an interesting news sensation for Afghan journalist, writers, poets and human right activists.

Till June 19, 2008 In Afghan community a few people knew about “Pen Canada”, but resolution # 1 about Afghanistan, become a sensation for Afghans and popularity of pen Canada among afghan’s writers, journalist, poets and independent human rights activists.

The subject of resolution of Pen was about Sayed Parvis Kambakhsh a young afghan journalist was accused and has been unlawfully detained for three months for possessing an article, which discussed controversial verses of The Quran regarding women’s rights. Kambakhsh is student of in the journalist faculty in Balkh University and also working for an independent newspaper “Jehan-e-Naw”. He was sentenced to death.

The case was mentioned by Balkh provincial “shara-e-ulama”). Balkh is a peaceful province, located on the northern Afghanistan, where the population are against Taliban and Osama bin Laden.

Not only taleban are kidnapping torturing and killing journalists and writers, Afghan government created a hard condition for them. As we can read in Pen’s resolution: “While freedom of press is granted in the Afghan constitution, harassment of journalists in Afghanistan has increased. Several have been arrested, some killed in the past year. Journalists face several threats from the Taliban, and increasing interference from government officials in their right to a free professional life.”

Pen Canada thinks that the Canadian mission in Afghanistan is a priority for the Government of Canada and because Canadians want the mission to protect and ameliorate the human rights of the Afghan people.

Declaration and resolution is not enough, Pen Canada wants to have more effect to Parwiz’s case. “PEN Canada wrote to Prime Minister Harper (01/30/08) about our concerns for Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh and received acknowledgement of the Government of Canada’s interest in his case.” written in resolution. Also Pen Canada is requesting immediate and unconditional release in accidence with Afghan law and Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human rights.

The more effective actions of Pen Canada is a strong request about appeal to the government of Canada to actively continue to monitor this case and undertake appropriate action (including the active presence of Canada official at this trial).

“At this meeting Pen Canada formally adopts Mr Kambakhsh as an honorary member of Pen Canada.[mention to adopt: that Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh of Afghanistan be adopted as an honorary member by Pen Canada]” written in resolution.

Parwez Kambakhsh’s case is a consecutive action of Pen Canada. In an interview to the Afghan community Monthly Newspaper “Andisha-e-Nau”, President of Pen Canada Nelofar Pazira said: “Pen Canada prepared a symbolic empty seat for prisoner journalist (Parwez Kambakhsh) with his name written on it.” The interview with Nolofar Pazira will be published in next issue of ‘Andisha-e-Nau” in Toronto.

I as an editor of Andishe-eNuu had received many telephone calls from Toronto and Canadian provinces, even received e-mails from readers outside of Canada, especially Afghanistan, after I published Persian translation of Pen’s resolution in previous issue of Andish-e-Nuu.

Nelofar Pazira president of Pen Canada

and Yar Sana independent activist of

international movement for

Parwez Kambkhsh defense

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

By: Yar Sana

Mining Minister of Afghanistan in Toronto

Afghanistan's untapped mining sector is very attractive for the world's resource companies. Toronto hosted Ibrahim Adel, Minister of Mines of Afghanistan.

On March 1, 2008 Afghan community, representatives from Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Toronto Board of Trade (World Trade Center), the Atlantic Council, the Canada India Business Council, the U.S Department of Commerce, Canadian Afghan Business council Afghan community journalists participated in this event.

Minster Adel presented a very detailed and insightful review of the activities, processes, achievements and plans of his monastery and asked the
participants to come to Afghanistan and take full advantage of these historic opportunities.

Minister Adel noted that while the Canadian mining company Hunter Dickinson did not win the "Ainak" mine bid, the company did acknowledge the full transparency of the bid evaluation process in Afghanistan.
He mentioned that there are quite a few medium and larger sized mines that are coming up for the bidding process this year and next year, and expressed his hope that Canadian mining companies will take full.

Minister mentioned that his ministry has potential to produce just 5% of Afghan mines, will make 30 000 workplaces. Minister’s speech orientation was about Ainak Copper Mine in the province Lougar , Afghanistan.

After minister’s speech, in a briefing community journalists had an opportunity for questions. I as a journalist had a chance for asking the first questions. My first question was about construction of melting metal complex in Afghanistan and second question about contributing of afghan government in privatization of mine recourses. The answer of the minister for the first question was positive. Till I’m not optimist about plan of industrial countries regarding export of staples from Afghanistan and selling of goods back to Afghanistan. The answer for my second question was very sad for Afghan and big damage for economy of Afghanistan. As everyone knows contribution of government in an economy sector usually reaches 51%. But contribution of Afghan government in privatization of mine recourse will be 28-35%, as mentioned minister of mines.

My colleague Dr. Lalzad from the monthly newspaper, “Andisha-eNau”(New view), asked a controversial question about uranium mines in province of Helmand, which at the hand of British Army. Minister wanted to skip the answer, but Afghan-Canadian journalists persisted the question.” British Army gourds the uranium mines in Helmand, they couldn’t exploited for security reason”, said minister. The problem is very serious and interesting. It’s more than interesting, that all media in the world don’t have even one story about existing of uranium mines in Afghanistan and involvement of British army in this extra important issue.

The most controversial issue in briefing was the problem of illegal exploitation of Afghan mines by private people, warlords, and contraband. “Unfortunately our government and international coalition forces still not able to prevent illegal exploitation of mines resources, specially jewels and gold”. Answered Minister Adel.

Why 50 thousands of soldiers from “international community”, Afghanistan Army and Police not able to protect the mines in Afghanistan? The answer is very simple. The most members of this government involved or participant of the spoiling in Afghanistan and are they getting support from their international friends. Their all together involved in this problem and interested on inability of Afghan government to protect mines resources.

That’s why war and instability continues in Afghanistan. In my opinion illegal exploitation of mines resources will be a reality for decades.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Islamic despotism under flag of “Democracy”

(Death penalty for an afghan young journalist)

Unfortunately afghan government founded a large structural “shara-e-ulama” (cleric counsel). for religious fanatics, which are using the governments support. These organizations are always standing against freedom, progress and independent media. They use religion as a tool for their anti democratic activities.

Parvis Kambakhsh a young afghan journalist was accused and has been unlawfully detained for three months for possessing an article, which discussed controversial verses of The Quran regarding women’s rights. Kambakhsh is student of in the journalist faculty in Balkh university and also working for an independent newspaper “Jehan-e-Naw”.

The case was mentioned by Balkh provincial “shara-e-ulama”). Balkh is a peaceful province, located on the northern Afghanistan, where the population are against Taliban and Osama bin Laden.

Religious “shoras” supported the decision of Balkh provincial “court. Maulavi Ghulam Rabbani Rahmani head of the Takhar Ulema council said: "we want the government and courts to execute the court verdict on Kambakhsh as soon as possible."1 Also cleric gathering in Parwans capital Charikar province stressed the need for implementation of the court verdict for the young journalist. Maulavi Muhammad Asif one of the Ulema here said: "anyone disrespecting holy Quran and the prophet of Allah is intolerable and should be condemned to death."2

Now Parvez case became a subject of international discussion and scandal. Afghan journalists , writers, social societies, cultural and political organizations from inside and outside of Afghanistan fighting for freedom of Kambakh

Fortunately, the supporter of freedom and democracy much stronger than fanatics and enemies of progress in Afghanistan. Just in “Kabul Press” an Afghan independent website more than two hindered writers, journalists, and famous organization listed as supporter of freedom.

The Parvez Kambakhsh case is now turning to a worldwide discussion and supporting by international organizations, specially UN and International amnesty.

Spokesperson’s Office United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan responded to this case and he said: “Cases involving religion and freedom of expression occur in many countries and require care and sensitivity in their handling. The pressures for punishment, warnings to journalists, as well as the holding of this case in closed session without Mr. Kamabaksh having legal representation point to possible misuse of the judicial process. This would not serve the cause of justice”3.

Canadian writers and journalists participated to support an afghan journalist more actively than others. According support list, which distributed in Kabul Press site, around 30% are Canadians.


Jean MacKenzie, country director for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, which helps train Afghan journalists, said "We feel very strongly that this is a complete fabrication on the part of the authorities up in Mazar, designed to put pressure on Parwez's brother Yaqub, who has done some of the hardest-hitting pieces outlining abuses by some very powerful commanders in Balkh and the other northern provinces,"4

"More than 75 Canadian soldiers have already died in the cause of creating a better life for Afghans, including freedom to speak one's mind, and freedom from tyranny of all kinds."5 Said Canadian Professor

To conclude Parvez ‘s case I think this case is surface of the more deep political issues inside afghan government. Atta mohammad (Pushton) famous warlord was pointed as Governor of province of Balkh , where majority population are Hazara, Uzben and Tajik.

Freedom of women in North of Afghanistan developing. Independent newspaper increasing very fast. Progress on North Afghanistan and incompatibility with South of Afghanistan is the main problem. In this case Mr. Karzai action or idleness is showing his belonging to the “South” than Afghanistan. From my point of view Afghanistan already in a very deep constitutional crisis. Afghanistan need more democracy not clerical Tenerife government system.

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